The Rusty Nut Bible… available to buy now in Paperback or as a kindle eBook!

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The System:

  • 10 Escalating Steps
  • Save Time
  • Reduce Effort
  • Maximise Success
  • Minimise Injuries
  • Preserve Parts

Find the Secrets to:

  • Easily Free Seized Nuts or Bolts
  • Remove Fasteners with Damaged Heads or Nuts
  • Extract Shafts Snapped Flush or Protruding
  • Use 50+ Tools & Aids to Save Time & Effort
  • Personal Protection and Safety

Customer Testimonials:

  • "I found a practical application within days of buying it..." - D Poyner
  • "... could have saved a bundle of cash in the past ..." - Sprue
  • "Should be recommended reading for students of mechanical engineering!" - I A Pitman
  • "... logically ordered and crammed with illustrations of both techniques and any required tools." - R Stevenson


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