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The Rusty Nut Bible out now!

The Rusty Nut Bible

If you've just come into the house with your knuckles bleeding, wondering just how the heck you are going to get that rusty nut or bolt undone... we have the answer.  After spending ten days trying to remove a brake caliper from my wife's Alfa I found I had amassed a sizeable collection of information about loosening seized fasteners.  That experience inspired this book which I hope will help you get the job done... the techniques in it worked for me.

Tricks & Tips

  • 10 ways to bust the rust without injury.
  • Minimise the risk of shearing.
  • Tips to avoid rounding & gouging heads.
  • Advanced lubricating techniques.
  • Using heat safely.
  • Extracting sheared shafts.
  • Tackling gouged heads.


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  • Why Things Rust & Why It Matters
  • How Fasteners Work
  • The Six Simple Machines
  • Safety-Shmafety - Not Really
  • Tools
  • Accessories
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Removing Seized Fasteners
  • Removing Damaged Fasteners

Borderlands 2 for the Middle-aged player?

The Rusty Nut Bible

Please don't feel unwelcome if you aren't middle-aged. If a tip makes a game more fun for us it will still make it more fun for you... I’m not pro I'm a nobody; the guy who doesn’t read the manual. An ordinary bloke who was barely a teenager when Pong was state of the art. But that’s why some of you will relate to me. I’m you. I’m not a pre-pubescent twitch killer with thousands of hours of experience and the reflexes of a coked up Ninja (if you are, you are still might learn from this book). I’m a fifty year old guy with slow reflexes, poor hand eye coordination, no sense of direction or spatial awareness and a brain which only has eighty percent of the bandwidth required to play a modern FPS. But I still have fun... and I got to the end. This book tells you how...

Buy the book…

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Tricks & Tips

  • Experience
  • Shooting
  • Looting
  • Travelling
  • Fighting
  • Playing Axton - The Commando
  • Playing Maya - The Siren
  • Playing Salvador - The Gunzerker
  • Playing Zer0 - The Assassin
  • Order of Play (NOT A WALKTHROUGH)


  • Technical Info
  • Fools Rush In
  • Stayin' Alive
  • A Single Step
  • Moving Around
  • It's About the Journey
  • Shoot (oh and explode, corrode, burn, shock, slag & punch)
  • Hints, Tips & Tricks
  • Mistakes We've Made
  • Player Characters
  • Order of Play

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