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The Rusty Nut Bible

WordPress Like Clockwork

Troublesome Fasteners:

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Studs
  • Screws

Because They're:

  • Seized
  • Rounded
  • Gouged
  • Sheared/Snapped

You Need:

Losing Time:

  • Maintaining
  • Defending
  • Designing
  • Tuning

Do You Want:

  • Auto Update
  • Real Time Defence
  • Assisted Design
  • Reactive Tuning

You Need:

Borderlands 2 For Casual Gamers

Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds

Are You:

  • Someone who plays for fun?
  • Unwilling to to grind?
  • Sick of twitch killers?
  • Fed up with spawn campers?

We're 50+:

  • We finished (more than once).
  • We had fun doing it.
  • No one pooped on our party.

You Need:

Are You:

  • Always Yawning?
  • Struggling to Concentrate?
  • Bad Tempered?
  • Heavy Limbed?

You Need:

  • A Better Environment
  • Positive Habits
  • Instant Relaxation Techniques
  • A Sanctuary for Dreaming 

You Need:

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