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The System

  • Simple & Effective 10 Step System.
  • Maximises Your Chances of Success.
  • Save Time & Effort.
  • Preserve Irreplaceable Parts.


  • How Things Rust & Why It Matters.
  • How Tools & Fasteners Work.
  • The Six Simple Machines.
  • The Right Tool for the Job.
  • Free Seized Fasteners.
  • Revive Damaged Fasteners.
  • Extract Broken Fasteners.

Customer feedback…

I A Pitman
"Don't reach for the scaffold pole just yet!  Should be recommended reading for students of mechanical engineering!"
D Poyner
"I found a practical application within days of buying it, when a visiting friend had a puncture in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get the spare wheel out of her boot, due to a severely corroded bolt (and floor)."
R Stevenson
"This is a well researched and comprehensive guide to undoing those pesky fixings that simply want to stay where they are. The book is logically ordered and it is crammed with illustrations of both techniques and any required tools."
"A great book for those who do a lot of messing around in the garden or garage. There are lots of tools and techniques I didn't even know existed which could have saved a bundle of cash in the past - I've replaced garden furniture, hobby equipment etc in the past because of rusted or corroded fasteners."
M J Stanley
"Great book, written with a light touch to keep you smiling. Comprehensive guide to tools and techniques to help you undo stuck, rusted or otherwise damaged nuts and bolts. Love how the techniques are ordered by degree of destruction/danger :-)"
M Sunderland
"This well-researched guide is packed full of practical tips presented in an informative and amusing way."

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